Finca Las Rosas

Geisha variety - Wet Milling and sun dried on patios
  • Guatemala, Huehuetenango
  • 1,700m
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Rolando has been growing coffee since he can remember. Having observed his father and mother for years, maintaining the coffee fields and carefully processing and drying the coffee in their home patios, he understood the passion they had for the coffee and how necessary that was in order to produce wonderful lots. His mother is a big fan of roses – with many planted around their house, they called the farm Finca Las Rosas. This farm is located in the most beautiful location at the top of the valley with a spectacular view of the nearby farms and mountains. We have been working with Rolando and his 90 year old father for over 6 years, since we started working with the coffees in this area. This is our first year purchasing his Geisha and we are very excited to share it with you.