mix Heirloom variety - Natural process
  • Ethiopia, Guzi Zone
  • 2,000m
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Hambella name, refers to both the location of the washing station where the coffee comes from. The coffee is pulled from several neighboring small farms in Ethiopia's Guji Zone, not far from Yirgacheffe, and mixed together by both coffee growing region, and date of delivery. This is a sundried lot, meaning the whole coffee cherry is laid to dry in the sun for upwards to 30 days, and tends to produce a fruited cup in comparison to a wet processed coffee. Hambella Station sits at just over 1800 meters above sea level, and the growing areas top out at a whopping 2300 meters! This one comes from Heleana Georgalis, a fourth generation coffee producer. Heleanna has done an admirable job of continuing the legacy of her father’s at Moplaco. Under her leadership, Moplaco is constantly evolving to produce ever-increasing quality coffee in spite of the complexity and challenges continually present within Ethiopia’s coffee production and auction systems.