Mix Heirloom variety - Washed
  • Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe (Gedeo)
  • 1,800m- 2.000m
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In the south of Ethiopia, close to the Kenyan border, lies the home of our Yirgacheffe Coffees. Geographically all Yirgacheffe are from the Gedeo Zone which is situated south of the Sidamo zone. The name Yirgacheffe is a reference to the zone’s capital. Kochere is a subregion in the very south of Gedeo. And Konga nally refers to a few washing stations south of the town Yirgacheffe along the road towards Kochere. Until today, the astonishing biodiversity in the local coffee plants has been preserved, resulting in unique and sophisticated coffee which never cease to surprise. Additionally, the hilly terroir, stable temperatures and the rich soil all contribute to the slow and steady maturation of the coffee cherries and, consequently, to a complex flavour profile. Gedeo and in particular Kochere provides perfect conditions for growing coffee. You will for sure taste it in every cup.
For the “washed” coffees, the blazing-red cherries get pulped in a wet mill within 24 hours after picking. Once all the sugars have broken down in the fermentation tank, the coffee gets washed in long water channels. In the next step, the coffee is slowly dried by the sun for 9 to 14 days, depending on the number of sunny hours. Coffee is later stored locally and delivered to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) where the washing stations sell the coffee to the coffee exporters at a transparent market price.