Caturra, Castillo, Typica, Mundo Novo & Heirloom variety - Washed & Natural Blend
  • Colombia Brazil Ethiopia, Huila Cerrado Yirgacheffe
  • 1,400-2,100m
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The idea behind Blend is the motive to find the best cup of coffee of the year. We know that it is very difficult but we want to discover with our costumers what flavor that liked most. This project starts with a blend from three different origins, Colombia Chaman Huila, washed process with three types of varieties, caturra, castillo and colombia. The flavors that we found were sweet, nuts like almond and hazelnut with great body and chocolate after taste. The next lot is from Brazil, one origin that we don't buy often, but this particular lot is delicious. The region is Cerrado, natural process, mundo novo variety. The characters are sweet, like maple syrup flavors, Walnut notes, smooth bodied and milk chocolate aftertaste. We wanted to lock the blend #1, with floral character and we add coffee from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Gr2 washed process. We create that blend for espresso friends, by roasting those beans to a medium level before carefully blending them to create a characterful cup