Our story

Our story started around the year of 2011, when three friends decided to combine what we all knew well, customer service with quality and passion. On Wednesday , 21 March 2012, we opened our doors with a bar throughout the day, from 08:00 to 02:00, full of spices, fresh coffee from the coffee-baking machine, in combination with unique cocktails, dancing and fun night! Because of teamwork, and maintaining a high level of quality in these years, we decided to add another oven, this time for pastries and pizza. It’s 2020 and we still continue.

About us

We are a beloved 28-member team with a constant search for progress. Having some experience and some distinction of the competition, we like to look for green coffee beans from small romantic producers of agricultural holdings. As a result we have been working with more than 250 different coffee roots since 2012! For us, flavors are small constant experiences that we love and want to share with our consumers. This led us to a daily baking of coffee, our own bread, pizza and cookies baking routine.

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